Have you or a family member been has arrested for DUI ? Travis Newton is a DUI Defense Attorney serving Anderson South Carolina and surrounding areas.

Attorney Travis Newton understands the consequences of an arrest for driving under the influence. We want to help you. Your initial consultation and case evaluation is free. Our DUI Law Firm will provide an honest evaluation of your case and will answer your questions on South Carolina DUI law and police procedure.

Travis Newton is an experienced Anderson Criminal Trial Lawyer that has represented DUI and criminal clients throughout the state of South Carolina. Travis A. Newton is a member of The National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Criminal Defense Attorneys and is the current South Carolina State Ambassador for The American Asscoiation of Premier DUI Attorneys. Travis is originally from Anderson & Clemson, South Carolina.

If you or a family member has been charged with driving under the influence you probably have questions. Our DUI Attorneys and staff are patient and our consultations are non-intimidating. Travis Newton has a wealth of DUI and criminal trial experience. Many lawyers have experience inside the court room. However, not every lawyer has trial experience from selecting a jury to the final verdict. If a trial is necessary you will be defended by an experienced and successful DUI trial lawyer.

Each DUI case is thoroughly investigated from the activation of the officer's blue lights through the arrest sequence. DUI Defense Attorney Travis Newton will file a motion to compel the State of South Carolina to produce all alleged evidence against you. Some or all of the evidence may be inadmissible if proper police protocol was not followed of if either your statutory or constitutional rights were compromised. Some DUI charges are dismissed after the suppression of evidence while other DUI charges may be reduced to a favorable outcome through negotiation or even result in a trial for the defendant. A thorough investigation by your DUI lawyer can be the foundation for a successful outcome.

DUI enforcement is a tough job and we have many hard working and dedicated police officers in South Carolina. However, there are many reasons a motorist may mimic signs of impairment. In most cases, we review the case with the arresting officer days or even weeks before trial. This may give all parties an opportunity to fashion a solution without the necessity of a trial. If we are unable to reach an agreement we will then proceed to trial upon the approval of our client.

DUI penalties are enforced by both the State of South Carolina and the SCDMV. A guilty plea will have more than just criminal penalties. There are possible driver's license suspensions, high risk insurance premiums, and installation of an ignition interlock into your vehicle. Call Anderson South Carolina Criminal & DUI Defense Attorney Travis Newton at (864) 965-9148. If you are visiting us on your mobile device please find the call button at the top of the page.

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